Mittenkun gameplay trailer revealed for Kings of Fighters 15

Mittenkun has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. This is the first new character for King of Fighters 15, with the first trailer titled Shunye, K ‘, Leona, Mai, Kyo and Benimaru.

Of course, this is actually Mittenkun’s second appearance in the Kings of Fighters series since he made his debut in Kings of Fighters 14. Along with Shuni, Mittenkun is trained by Tung Fu Ru.

This fighter is a bizarre because he always appears very depressed. Oddly, he goes to war with him to carry his pillow.

Despite all this, Mittenkun is still considered a very ruthless fighter within the King of Fighters lore. While Mittenkun has a very careless attitude, it is noted that he is often victorious over Shunai, the hero of Kings of Fighters 14 and 15.

Throughout the trailer, Mittenkun is shown capable of attacking with energy-based attacks. By putting their energy into their pillows, even attacks that use head cushions can inflict damage against opponents.

At the end of the trailer, we are asked to “tune in next week for more information”. Watch the trailer of Mittenkun below:

Mittenkun in King # 1 image of Fighters 15

# 2 in the image of Fighters King of Fighters 15

Meatconkun in King of Fighters 15 # 3

Mittenkun 15 image # 4 in King of Fighters

# 5 in the image of Fighters King of Fighters 15

# 6 in the image of Fighters King of Fighters 15

Mittenkun in King of Fighters 15 # 7

Mittenkun # 8 in Fighters King of Fights 15

Mittenenkun 15 image # 9 in King of Fighters

Meenenkun 15 image # 10 in king of fighters

Mittenkun 15 image # 11 in King of Fighters

Mittenkun in King of Fighters 15 # 12

Meenenkun 15 image # 13 in king of fighters

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