Mitchell Trubisky’s fiancee sends a farewell message to Chicago

The Chicago Bears have moved out of the Mitchell Trubisky era, signing Andy Dalton in the process. Although things didn’t end the way I’m sure Trubisky would have liked, he has found a new home in Buffalo.

As reported last week, Trubisky signed a one-year deal with the Bills worth $ 2 million, with $ 1.5 million guaranteed, along with a $ 500,000 signing bonus. You can earn up to $ 4.5 million, with $ 2 million in incentives, but that would take some playtime.

On Monday, Trubisky signed the deal, officially making him the backup quarterback for the Bills.

Hillary Gallagher, Trubisky’s financier, wrote the following on her Instagram story: “Thank you to all the Bears fans with the sweetest messages. The city of Chicago will always have a special place in our hearts. “

Even though his Chicago chapter is over, for now, it seems there are no hard feelings on his part. Trubisky was one of the most polarizing figures while playing quarterback for the Bears. Trubisky put the team first, stayed out of trouble, was always great with the media, was a great representative for the Bears, being friendly and a good role model for kids, and he won football games. Even after all this, it seemed like he could never take a break with fans, former players, and the media.

To be fair, Trubisky was 1-for-25 under Matt Nagy, throwing 57 touchdowns, 30 interceptions and completing 65.3% of his passes. He also made the playoffs twice (0-2) and made the Pro Bowl in 2018.

Trubisky holds the record for the most passing yards by a Bears rookie quarterback, as well as being the fastest quarterback to reach 10,000 yards in a Bears jersey.

It will leave the Bears in first place in passer rating (minimum of 300 attempts), fifth in passing yards, fifth in passing passing touchdowns and fifth in wins. It’s not a bad streak in just 50 starts. Trubisky is also the only NFL quarterback to play more than 50 games and not pitch a pick of six in his career.

For Trubisky going forward, Bills general manager Brandon Beane doesn’t see him staying in Buffalo for long:

“This is a great restart for him, and we don’t expect him to be here long term,” he said. “Hopefully in a year he will have a chance to come back and get a good contract and a starting job somewhere.”

Working with the same group that helped Josh Allen make an impressive jump from Year 2 to Year 3 should help Trubisky improve as a quarterback. If Trubisky can jump on his own and have a chance to start somewhere in 2022, the decision to come to Buffalo as a backup will have been a good one.


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