Mitch Trubisky: I feel very comfortable right now

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Mitch Trubisky has undeniably improved the Bears’ offense since he acquired the starting quarterback role when Nick Quarter got hurt. Chicago trailed 2–2 in those four matches, winning the final two to return to the NFC Wild Card race.

A significant amount of that offensive success has come through the run game. But in his last two wins, Trubisky completed 72.2 percent of his passes for 469 yards with four touchdowns and an interception, and added 57 yards on the ground.

“I feel very comfortable right now,” Trubisky said at Wednesday’s press conference. “I think each week we get better as a crime, which is important. We are gaining confidence as a unit and right now, we are executing at a higher rate, which helps in stability across the board. And we have been efficient. So I definitely feel comfortable. And I am very confident about where we are, the mentality with people and how we are handling each week. “

Trubisky is also a pending free agent since the Bears declined his fifth-year option in the spring. The decision changed Trubisky’s mindset and outlook for the year.

“I would say that I just wanted to control my fate,” Trubisky said. “I am controlling what I can control at this point and I am just trying to control my career and want to keep it in the direction I want it to go. Sometimes you become a bit more assertive and speak for what you want to do, for what you believe in. And just go there and continue to put the team first, like I have. Just keep working hard, try to perfect my craft, keep getting better every day. But there was a small switch that flopped in the beginning where I just had to get a little bit of the edge where I got to control my destiny at this point. “

If Trubisky continued to lead the Bears to win Stretch, there would likely be a market for his services as a QB in 2021 – whether it was in Chicago or elsewhere.

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