Mitch Marner is everything for the leaves

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Probably the most important story of the 3-2 Leafs' victory on Monday night over the Bruins is the resurrection of Auston Matthews, who in the second period He scored his first goal in the month of April. To put Toronto in the lead forever. But if there is a lasting image of this game for the Leafs fans, particularly if they can maintain the 2-1 series lead and finally pbad the first round, that's what Mitch Marner did in the end.

In the final seconds, when the Bruins tried to throw everything they could on the net, the 21-year-old was on the ice to put his body and friendly face with the sponsor on the line. Marner did not block one, but two shots from David Pastrnak to close any chance of overtime, and if he has any doubt about how big the play is, look at the love he gets from all his teammates after the last horn sounds .

Marner, of course, had much more eye-catching contributions in the Leafs' first victory in this series, scoring a diving goal Y a dirty shot goal In the 4-1 victory. But even without a goal, it was almost as wonderful to see in Game 3. In addition to accepting the pain to seal the victory, Marner was also the key that unlocked Matthews' offense. In the goal of the game of power, it was Marner who initiated the play closing a possible dispatch of the Bruins, winning an badist by removing the puck to Patrice Bergeron.

It's hard to argue with 47 goals from John Tavares this season, but there is one solid case that must show that his line partner Marner, with 68 badists in the year, is the Maple Leafs Most Valuable Player. At a minimum, he is very poorly paid (earning only $ 894,167 this year ahead of the restricted free agency) for the work he has been doing. Marner can score, he is sure he can pbad, plays an incredible defense to an end, and is not afraid to break his nose to win. Good luck trying to lock him in the long term, Toronto.

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