Missouri woman charged with Pelosi charged in connection with capital riots

A Missouri woman was seen with a fragmented insignia belonging to the house speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosidimokats raises a finger on whether Capitol rioters suggested helping inside Pelosi help criminal charges for any legalist who helped with Capitol riot Pelosi Mum when the House Senate Will send impeachment articles (D-California.) He has been charged in connection with the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

Emily Hernandez was killed on Friday with five charges in connection with the riots. Court documents filed In the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

according to a AffidavitAt least three individuals submitted tips to the FBI to identify Hernandez, which was seen in a widely circulated video by UK-based network ITV News.

The video showed rioters storming the Capitol and for nearly two-and-a-half minutes the rioters were seen streaming out of a room with a curved entrance and wooden sign in a room that read, ” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. “

A few seconds later, a woman with brown hair, round sunglasses and a white and brown winter hat can be seen standing near the same office, but the sign is missing from the door. The person is then seen holding a broken piece of wood, in which the words “House” and “Nancy” are clearly visible.

Hernandez is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any prohibited building or grounds, disorderly conduct that impedes the conduct of government business; Theft, sale, conveying or disposing of anything of value to the United States; Disruptive conduct in Capital Buildings; And parading, performing, or picketing in the Capitol Building.

Court records do not indicate if Hernandez has been arrested.

Hernandez’s set of accusations are part of dozens that have been applied as law enforcement nationwide to find rioters who dissolved the Capitol. On 6 January, a mob descended on the building demanding a ban on Congress from certifying the presidential election. Joe BidenIn the departure letter, which Beidenazar says, the capital threatens to ‘stigma’ the riot administration’s achievements. House Democrats introduce measures to Trudeau to oppose bomb sales on Saudis: retailing in latest sign of weak economy Fall | Fast-food workers strike for minimum wage | US officials express greater concern over operating energy permits to MexicoElectoral college victory.

Lawmakers were forced to pull out as rioters broke windows, smashed idols and ransacked the office, including Pelosi. The riots resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol police officer.


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