Mississippi State 9 Tulane 5 FINAL

Top 1

Groff’s ball up 1-0, his fastball 1-1. ball down 2-1 foul ball in bullpen, but Dubrule can’t get there. 2-2 foul ball to stay alive. ball to fully charge the account. ball down and away and Tulane has an initial hike.

Burn the ball up for ball one, ball down and we’re down on the count again 2-0. broke the fastball for a strike. Runner pretends, ball is lost 2-2. swinging K. good way to fight. one down.

Minder called a strike to open the AB. ball up 1-1. The broken ball lands for a strike. 1-2 short pinch before the first is caught by Hatcher for the second out.

Avilés ball up for 1-0. ball up and away to make a nice 2-0 pitch for the first strike 2-1 ball just off plate 3-1. single ripped left, two men in and two down

Niemann leads 1-0 and then it’s called a strike. ball down 2-1 ball in and it’s 3-1. Four out of five batters so far have been ahead in the count. and he walks too. Bases loaded. It looks like a narrow area, but Cerantola lacks some width.

Hart breaking ball touched a foul. 0-1 line to right for an RBI single. The second runner tries to score, but Allen makes the shot and Tanner makes the tag and tackle to retreat the side.

1-0 Tulane

Lower 1

Rowdey Jordan called for a strike to open the AB. short ground ball. He has it and throws it to first to get out.

Scotty Dubrule ball away 1-0. ball away 2-0. ball up and screen 3-0. I beat the strike makes it 3-1. the ball was fouled to fill it. another ball was fouled to the third base line. It looked like a ball breaking out of the zone, but it was fouled from the first base side. walk. one in and one out

Tanner Allen’s ball up for 1-0. Dubrule is hopping around there at first. Allen with an oppo cue to the left to make the 2-1 State. The outfielder gave him a shot, but he’s a couple rows deep. 2-1 Status.

Logan Tanner falls quickly 0-2. I only have one piece to stay alive. ball out for ball one 1-2 broken ball just missed 2-2. It rips it deep into the right center. Tulane OF almost crashed, but the catch is made against the wall to the right. two down.

Josh Hatcher’s ball down 1-0. down 2-0. takes a strike called 2-1 with a return foul to even it at 2-2. messed up to stay alive. nice to bat going here. another foul ball. blistered ball to third. he goes for it and makes the launch. great game for sure and entry is over.

2-1 Status

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