Missing woman at sea suffering from mental health issues: daughter

Her family said the Colombian woman who was rescued at sea by fishermen has a history of mental health issues, which may have contributed to being off the grid for two years.

Paula Castilanco said she believes her mother, Angelica Guitton, is suffering from the psychological trauma that she lost in the sea more than a mile off the coast of Puerto Colombia while playing her role, by Colombian outlet El Heraldo Told.

“We think that during the period of time she was missing, maybe something could have happened to her that caused her psychological trauma,” her daughter told the outlet.

He said his mother had long struggled with panic attacks, often brought on by the sight of high-end cars.

“Every time she saw a high-end car, she would scream and say that they were coming for her.” [and] That we should not let him go to those cars. He covered his head and said that a man would come for him, ”Castellanco said.

A viral video taken by his rescuers showed Gitan swimming in the ocean when he was pulled out of the water by two men.

According to reports, he was brought to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia and exhaustion, apparently adrift for eight hours.

The Mirror reported that she told local media that she had been in contact with her family for two years after surviving domestic violence.

“I did not want to continue my life,” Gitton said, explaining how she ended up at sea.

Reportedly, her daughter, Castellancho, said she lost contact with her mother after the woman left for Ecuador in September 2018 with a brother.

The family only received word about her whereabouts in March when her father was informed by her health insurance that her mother had scheduled a psychiatric appointment, El Heraldo reported.

“We later found out that she was in a homeless shelter in Barranquilla, but we couldn’t say how she arrived in that city,” Castilancho said.

The outlet reported that Geeta has reunited with some members of her family, and police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and rescue.


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