Missing Marine Corps Sentinel Outside West Wing Raises Questions at White House

The absence of a Marine Corps sentry out of the West Wing on Monday raised questions about whether President Biden was following the schedule publicly set by his aides.

Why does it matter: One sure way to know if the President is inside the Oval Office is if the Marine is in the post, opening the door to the west wing. A reporter from the group wondering if there had been a change in policy received a simpler answer, around 2021: The Marine was receiving a COVID test.

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  • “The president was in the Oval Office this morning working, getting the PDB and all the things you know about the schedule. There has been no policy change,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during the daily. . instructions.

The backstory: Biden’s schedule said he would be at the oval receiving the presidential daily report at 9:45 am. The sentry was absent at the time.

  • Pooler Debra Saunders, White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, told her colleagues off campus at 9:58 am: “There is no Marine standing outside the front door … Apparently, the Marine marine is no longer an indicator that POTUS is on the oval. “

  • Psaki and other helpers clarified later.

Bottom line: The White House says it is a “misnomer” that a Marine must be present when the President is inside the oval.

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