Missed Fist: Fighter hits the opponent and ko score kicks, Linkmaster goes down after victory, more

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fist where we throw light on fights around the world that may have been overlooked in these busy times where it seems like there is an MMA show every other day.

As the saying goes, “Talk sh * t, be a hit.” But what if you’re talking a sh * t and giving a hit? This is the philosophical question that led to this week’s episode.

Baman Nurmat

We do not know much about this “Get Up and Hit” event, which has the best listings on tapatology, other than that it took place on 29 August in Irkutsk, Russia and it is Hero Kyrgyz Fighter Baman Nurmat (Credit) for information. For RT Sport).

Based on this footage, it is safe to draw some conclusions. This was the first event in a year for Fight Club Cherdack, and its first in the era of COVID-19, so it makes sense that there were about eight people at the venue. Nurmatat was good enough to get a look from M-1 Global in the past and I wasn’t fighting this mysterious rival, so it was probably a mismatched wedding.

Lastly, Nurmatt was having a lot of fun there and not what is believed about MMA? Damn to sportsmanship, this head kick ruled.

This next head kick, not so much.

Adrian Polanski vs Amadeus Rosalik
Pavel Mikolajuw vs Damian Zdunski
Marta Linkewicz vs Marta Rentel

They say that MMA is about fame these days. Those who can provide the cutest soundbites, speak the most trash on Twitter, accumulate the most Instagram followers. If that last metric is of any importance, then no hype packs more star power than Poland’s Fame MMA. We would be surprised if this organization is a short-lived gimmick, but here they are with their seventh show, which took place in Warsaw.

And like the real MMA organization, they have fighters who are ready to cheat their asses to win.

Amadeusz “Ferrari” Roslick (222,000 Instagram followers) did not exactly avenge a decision loss for Adrian “Pollack” Polanski (357K), but he is probably going to be satisfied with the result, although it is officially a disqualification. I will go against Him on his record.

Were not the rules, it would actually be one of the best KOs of the year, but Fame MMA is not some illegal organization that allows fighters to kill people willy-nilly and Polanski was clearly fielded there Was. In the end, Ferrari had to kick their opponent in super hard, and Pollack “improved” to 3-2 as a pro fighter with his third straight “win”.

Polish hip-hop star Pavel Mikolaju (705K), better known as “Popak Monster”, made the jump from KSW to Fame MMA at the show and flashed his jitz in the evening’s main event. He needed less than a round for Armbar MTV star and fellow promotions newcomer Damien “Stiffler” Zdunczyk (454K).

Stifler weighed 212 pounds for this fight, which was 40 pounds lighter than the Popeke Monster. I’m not a doctor or a professional fight analyst, but I think it made a difference. It was the first submission win for Mikolajuw, who at the age of 41 still clearly added new aspects to his celebrity fighting game.

And then there’s Marta Linkowicz.

“Linkmaster” (1.2M) is depicted in the hallway of the first missed fist and it’s great to see him sticking with this whole fighting scholar, even if it’s just a side hobby for him. He finished fitness model Marta “Martyranti” Rentel (500K) with a strike and then proceeded with a celebration whereby Valerie Loreda says, “Hey lady, settle it.”

according to this @MuniekMMA, Linkmaster “ranks 15th of 119 active Poland women (pound-for-pound),” which is true because I have to read it on the Internet.

Longtime Fame MMA.

Damian Olszewski vs Erco Jun
Kasim Ars vs Sasa Milinkovic

Speaking of Polish Instagram stars, KSW favorite Erko Jun (1.1M) was in action at the Elite MMA Championship 5 in Düsseldorf, Germany last Saturday. Unfortunately, he became the leading candidate for this week’s “Humpty Dumpty” award, after being dropped directly by the much less well-known Damian Olszewski.

Olzevski landed a hammer that hit the front of June’s forehead, giving the referee an excellent halt.

It was one of three heavyweight fights on the card, the other two being the heavyweight main event between Satoshi Ishii and Stuart Austin that ended in a controversial decision win for Austin, and Qasim Arasa took a unanimous decision over Rasa Milinkovic.

A major part of Arras was the sequence of ‘Swangin’ and Bangin:

How do you say “swangin ‘and bangin’ in German? I threw it into Google Translate, which came back with” schwingen und schlagen “. It can’t possibly be close to perfect, but it sounds terrible.

EMC 5 is available for pay-per-view replay on FITE TV.

Roman Silagadze vs David Lobanov

The Fight Nights Global and Gorilla Fighting Championships prepared for an Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov Memorial Show in Moscow on Wednesday and featured a grand presentation by Roman Silagadze, which would undoubtedly make Khabib’s pop proud.

We’re going to go with this “shoulder lock”, but it’s more accurate to say that David Lobanov said “to live in a world of injury”, I think.

In Novosibirsk, Russia, last Saturday, Islam Sadirbekov showed off his presented skills with a textbook Sulov vibe.

Sadrybkov’s opponent was a ferocious wrestler and he beautifully embellished the time extensively, until he could catch his prey with a catch which he did not even see coming.

The combined FNG / GFC show and the Hall of Fame fight: Cup of Truth event are both available on YouTube.

Yosuke vs Azusa Kaneko
Koki Osaki vs Kazuya Okuwaki
Denkongra vs Hati
Konkagalai vs Saxon

As much as we love our sub, we are going to end this week with some standup bangers. First, here are some glimpses of RISE 142, which took place in Tokyo last Friday.

Yosek startled Azusa Kaneko and silenced him with two surgical shots of the dome.

Koki Osaki topped the kick against Kazuya Okuyakaki in this beautiful Shin-to-the-Chin head kick.

That finish was equaled by Denkongrah in a Muay Thai event at the Rajadamarna Stadium in Thailand.

Denkongrah’s kick was accurate and based on results, perhaps twice as powerful given that he threw Hatai down to the mat.

As brilliant as it was, one must see the light of the exact week, a brutal fight between Kongclai and Saxon, dubbed @Grabaka_Hitman As a candidate for Fight of the Year.

Saxon is an absolute animal here, moving forward and throwing hands to isolate Kongklai. But Kongaklai began to break him in the second round with a leg kick, which led to Saxon’s best shot and bout. Even Seksan has opened a cute cut on Kongklai’s left eye, you understand that the worm was twisted.

Certainly, Cogclai catches Saxon off the right hook of the break, which leaves Saxon on the mat.

It’s a fantastic fight and while I generally don’t like assigning homework, you leave yourself to take 20 minutes out of your day and watch it.


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