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Miss Universe Kara McCullough Leada Gore | [email protected]

Nearly 100 women from around the world will compete on Sunday night for the Miss Universe crown.

The annual 66 competition th will take place at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 26. The program will air at 7-10 p. M. ET / PT (6-9 p.m. CT) on Fox. The contest will be broadcast live on FoxLive and through the Miss Universe You Tube page.

Steve Harvey will return to the Miss Universe stage as host. Next to him will be the current Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere from France who will crown her successor at the end of the three-hour live event.

Model and businesswoman Ashley Graham will also return as a presenter behind the scenes. The judges include Ross Mathews, Lele Pons, Jay Manuel, Megan Olivi, Pia Wurtzbach and Wendy Fitzwilliam. Acting Fergie and Rachel Patten.

The United States will be represented by Kara McCullough, a 26-year-old girl from Washington, DC. McCullough graduated from the State University of South Carolina with a degree in chemistry. Currently working as a scientist for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. UU

McCullough and the other women will compete in evening gowns, swimsuits and questions on stage.

Interesting facts about this year's contestants

This year's Miss Universe contestants are between the ages of 18 and 29 and represent countries around the world. Some interesting Miss Universe contestants:

  • Miss Universe Angola Lauriela Martins: Lauriela learned English from movies, songs and television shows.
  • Miss Universe Bahamas Yasmine Cooke: Yasmine was a competitive swimmer for 8 years.
  • Miss Universe Cambodia By Sotheary: By is the first Cambodian woman to compete in Miss Universe.
  • Miss Universe Aruba Alina Mansur: The public would be surprised to learn that, despite having won the title of Miss Universe Aruba, she suffered from social problems, anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Alina is working to rid society of the stigma surrounding mental health problems.
  • Miss Universe Barbados Lesley Chapman-Andrews: Lesley is a certified diver.
  • Miss Universe Canada Lauren Howe: "People often seem surprised to hear I have a degree in Industrial Engineering There may still be a stereotype of what the" typical engineer "is, but that is not true. that my promotion has had the highest percentage of women in the history of our program and that the ratio of men to women is changing in the right direction, I dream that the fields of STEM, and engineering in particular, see a balanced relationship of gender for when my future children grow up. "
  • Miss Universe Costa Rica Elena Correa: "I like to practice racing cars, and I love watching Formula 1 races."
  • Miss Universe Croatia Shanaelle Petty: "I am the first woman of mixed race to win the Miss Universe of Croatia contest".
  • Miss Universe Czech Republic Michael a Habanova: "Paté in skating for 16 years".
  • Miss Universe Dominican Republic Carmen Muñoz: "In 2013, I was elected to participate in a debate in front of the Dominican Congress on the topic of the Constitutional Law on Children, and I was selected from a group of only four students by my dean. law school, the law department, although the greatness of the event was certainly intimidating, this debate allowed me to approach one of the powers of the state and raise my voice in favor of the needy, I humbly believe that it is my love for children that that encouraged me to be up to the task. "
  • Miss Universe El Salvador Alisson Abarca: "I was the Valedictorian of my high school graduation clbad."
  • Miss Universe Ethiopia Akinahome Zergaw: "I have more than 10 brothers and sisters."
  • Miss Universe Iceland Arna Ur Jonsdottir: "Born with a deformity in my legs, my mother was told that I could never walk well or play sports … When I was 15 years old I was the Icelandic pole vault champion and my record it stayed for 8 years! "
  • Miss Universe India Shraddha Shashidhar:" I survived a near-death experience when I had a narrow escape at the hands of a shark while diving. "
  • Miss Universe Iraq Sarah Idan:" When I was 18 years old, I worked for the coalition forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I still have many medals of honor and certificates from the US Army with a title (Guardian of the Green Zone) since my job was to prevent attacks terrorists against the US camps Embbady and Iraqi ministries while training the Iraqi military. "
  • Miss Universe Ireland Cailin Aine Ni Toibin: Cailin from 9 to 18 years was a competitive coastal rower and in those 10 years won many County and Irish medals in crews of 4 and 4 people.
  • Miss Universe Laos Souphaphone Somvichith: She won the gold medal for Taekwondo at the National University Games in 2015.
  • Miss Universe Nepal Nagma Shrestha: "Unlike other participants, the trip to Miss Universe was not only To be crowned in my country and to come to the contest For several years, I communicated personally with Miss Universe and traveled to New York to meet with officials of the Miss Universe Organization to talk about the process to obtain the Miss Universe franchise and finally , participate in Miss Universe After years of trying without losing hope, Nepal finally participates in Miss Universe, and I am the first Miss Universe Nepal, it truly is a dream come true for me ".
  • Miss Universe Peru Prissila: "I think people would be surprised to know that I became one of the National Swimming Champions of Peru." To achieve this goal, I needed to train every day and follow a very disciplined program that started all the days at 5:00 a.m., training twice a day. "
  • Miss Universe Russia Kseniya Alexandrova: "I participated in the & # 39; Formula 1 & # 39; GRAND PRIX in Russia, Sochi."
  • Miss Universe South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters: "I am the First Miss South Africa to be born in a free and democratic South Africa I was born after the first democratic elections in 1994. "
  • Miss Universe Sri Lanka Christina Peiris:" I have visited 16 countries, traveling is our family hobby and we are trying to visit a new country at least once a year, I have traveled to Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, India, Malaysia, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, France, Vatican City, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. "
  • Miss Universe Turkey Pinar Tartan: "I started playing the piano when I was 3 years old".
  • Miss Universe Uruguay Marisol Acosta: "When I was a girl I rescued animals from the street and made my house an animal shelter".
  • Miss Universe US Virgin Islands UU Esonica Veira: "I was a finalist in the singing competition VI Idol 2008".
  • Miss USA UU Kara McCullough: "I made Army ROTC for a semester in college, that was the best training I've had in my life"
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