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Miserable Monday morning with more rain and wind for New Jersey

As you probably have noticed, our two weekend days presented two very different weather scenarios. Saturday was wonderfully warm and Sunday was not. In short: the wet and windy weather continues (and the peaks) until Monday morning, before the improvements take over the afternoon. Umbrellas up!

Monday Morning: Yuck

Here comes a cold front. Coupled with the same powerful low-pressure area that drove the less stellar weather on Sunday, a wild ride awaits us on Monday morning. Here is a summary …

Heavy rain and thunderstorms will affect NJ on Monday morning. (College of DuPage Meteorology)

– Rain: A band of heavy rain will pass through New Jersey, from southwest to northeast, between 5 a.m. and noon on Monday. All NJ will likely see 1 to 2 inches of additional rain, which will increase concerns about flash floods. Embedded storms are possible.

– Wind: The maximum gusts so far have been over 40 mph. Similar wind gusts will continue during the morning.

– Costa: The high tide along the Atlantic Ocean will be around 8 a.m. Monday, and the rear bays will arrive until a few hours later. A moderate flood is forecast for the coast of Monmouth County and Ocean. Lesser floods are expected for the ocean off the Atlantic Ocean and Cape May, the Delaware Bay and the Delaware River.

– Temperatures: Good news! The rain band also transports warmer and more humid air. Therefore, during the rainiest weather on Monday morning, temperatures should rise from 60 to 60 degrees Celsius for most of the state. (North Jersey and Jersey Shore can stagnate in the middle of the 50). Compare with the cold 40 on Sunday and it will be much more bearable.

Monday afternoon: improvements

Immediately after the rain is gone, we will see weather improvements throughout the state. The winds will light up, as the skies begin clear. I can not rule out some persistent showers until Monday night. Meanwhile, the thermometers will begin to slip from our high temperatures of noon.

For Monday night, I'll call it partly cloudy and windy. The low night temperatures should fall to about 35 to 40 degrees. (The northern tip of NJ might experience a slight freeze, but most of the state should stay above the freezing mark.)

The rest of the week: it's not terrible

We'll go back to the cold side of the world in Tuesday, but it will not be that bad of a day. We will see a mixture of sun and clouds on high, with a west wind of 10 to 20 mph (occasional gusts at 30 mph). High temperatures will end in the mid-50s for most of New Jersey, even on the coast. Again, it's not terrible, that's about 5 degrees below normal for mid-April.

On the back of the storm system from Sunday to Monday, the models are receiving some rains that could pass through Garden State on Tuesday afternoon and afternoon. It looks light, but it's still worth mentioning. As temperatures drop on Tuesday night, there may be some snowflakes in northern New Jersey, although no accumulations or travel impacts are expected.

If you are looking for a good day this week, Wednesday may be your best show. An isolated shower could affect New Jersey in the early hours of the morning. So, I'm optimistically calling sunny skies for everything but North Jersey. We will feel a strong breeze and high seasonal temperatures, on both sides of 60.

Thursday gets even hot, on the low in the mid-60's around the garden state. After the opportunity to take a bath in the morning, we will enjoy a partial sun and a constant breeze.

The first advance on Friday at the weekend looks good. A dry forecast, with daily temperatures between approximately 55 and 65 degrees.

Looking for more heat like Friday and Saturday? You'll have to wait a while: the long-term forecast does not have another surge of hot air. Our next 80 degree day may not arrive until May.

Dan Zarrow is the chief meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow Facebook or Twitter to get the latest weather forecast and updates in real time.


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