Minutes for December 2020 at Federal Reserve Meeting: Officials Support Bond-Buying Pace

The Mariner s in Washington, DC.  Fadels Reserve Building

Photographer: Erin Scott / Bloomberg

Federal Reserve officials unanimously supported stabilizing the pace of asset purchases when they met last month, leaving some open to “future adjustments” if necessary.

“All participants decided that it would be appropriate to continue those purchases at least at the current pace, and nearly all were in favor of maintaining the current structure of purchases,” according to Their December 15 meeting was published on Wednesday. “A couple of participants indicated that they were open to purchasing Treasury securities toward longer maturity.”

The Federal Open Market Committee held interest rates near zero and strengthened its commitment to buy bonds at the meeting, promising to maintain a $ 120 billion monthly pace until “substantial progress toward its employment and inflation goals” “No.

The Fed's balance sheet jumped 75% since the epidemic began in March

“some” Noted The committee may consider future adjustments to its asset purchases – such as accelerating the purchase of securities or reducing the purchase of treasury securities towards those now remaining maturities – if such an adjustment is justified. Considered, “Minutes said.


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