Minnesota state legalist COVID-19 died

According to the family and the state Senate majority leader, Minnesota state legislator Jerry Relf (R) died on Friday of complications from coronovirus.

According to MPR News, Reelf, who was the first state senator, is reportedly the first state legislator whose death is associated with COVID-19.

According to MPR News, in a statement, “Jerry dedicated his life to service and represented Senate District 14, one of his wife’s highest honors.” “I can’t count the number of times I get home at night and will tell me how to help solve a constituent problem, or a story he heard from someone in a parade or a public event, or even That one can meet him even during the meeting. ” ‘Day on the Hill’ event. He loved serving the people of St. Cloud in the Senate, and he nurtured every minute of it. “

He was elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2016, where he did not seek a vacant seat after filling the vacant seat. He narrowly defeated Dan Volgamot, who now works at Minnesota House. Ralph was 76 years old and a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Lawmakers went to the emergency room twice in November for coronovirus-related symptoms but were never hospitalized after a positive diagnosis. The news outlet said that after this, his family remained private about Riley’s situation.

State lawmakers shared their condolences and memories of Riley on social media.

MPR News reported that his wife is survived by four stepchildren and two adult children.


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