Minit makes you a classic adventurer, 60 seconds at a time

The Minit adventure RPG challenges you to see how much you can achieve in 60 seconds. It is the first game of the developers Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio and Dominik Johann, all of whom have a lot of influence in the industry. The team partnered with Devolver Digital to launch the title on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 3.

Minit runs with the idea of ​​small-sized missions in a role-playing world inspired by clbadics such as The Legend of Zelda and a reminiscence of Half-Minute Hero by Marvelous Entertainment. It has a black and white retro aesthetic and a mysterious map with many secrets to discover, dungeons to crawl and objects to collect. But you can only explore in one minute pieces: after you pick up a cursed sword at the beginning, you only have 60 seconds to live. When the time is up, you die and you reappear in your house. And then it's time to give it another chance.

When I reproduced a preliminary copy, I enjoyed the challenge of dividing my incursions into miniature tasks. Whatever you have achieved persists, so you are not starting from scratch every time. In the first area of ​​the map, you reappear in your house when you die, but you can also find other houses that become your generation point, reducing the amount you have to travel between different zones. The items you find also remain in your inventory, so it is not simply a repetitive experience in which you simply come back and bring the same thing over and over again.

"It's fast if you have little time, but long enough for the adventure," developer Jan Willem Nijman said in an email to GamesBeat. "Timers always stress me out in games, but in Minit it's more about figuring out how you want to spend your next minute and doing it efficiently." There's not much of a min-max per second, unless the player really wants. "

Nijman is the co-founder and game designer at the acclaimed Dutch independent studio Vlambeer, known for titles such as Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous. Fishing. He joined Minit for people with equally impressive curricula, all united by the desire to create a fast and fun game after concluding major projects.

"Jukio Kallio and I came from Nuclear Throne, which had taken 2.5 years to complete, Kitty Calis had just finished her job as a producer on Horizon Zero Dawn, Dominik Johann made virtual reality games such as Accounting +," said Nijman. "Working on this little 1-bit game after all was really refreshing and fun."

Nijman and Calis came up with the initial idea of ​​Minit in the Adventure Time Game Jam a few years ago. His concept was to create a game that presented players with new adventures every minute. As the idea evolved and they decided to continue it, they recruited Kallio and Johann for the cause.

Minit is quite restrictive, not only because of its time limit, but because of the mechanics. You can only load one tool at a time, like a sword or a watering can, and basically use just one button to interact with everything. When I played, I found that its simplicity increased the fun.

He had to be creative and look for secrets, and every time he died, he came back with a new game plan. Sometimes it was because I saw the solution to a puzzle just before the clock ran out. Other times, I resuscitated with the determination to see if the endless desert continued forever or if I could reach the other side in less than a minute.

"The design is quite open and full of secret shortcuts and omitted bits, so it will be fascinating to see what the speed broker community does with that," said Nijman. "While the main game is mostly being curious and discovering how to spend your next minute, players can also unlock the extremely challenging Second Run mode, in which (among other surprising changes) you only get 40 seconds for life." [19659011]
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