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Ministers & # 39; absolutely optimistic & # 39; of border agreement Brexit

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Disagreements continue on how the Irish border should be treated after Brexit

The government says it is "optimistic" for an Irish border agreement as the pressure to find a Brexit agreement increases.

Cabinet Minister Chris Grayling said there would always be "coming and going" when the deadline was met.

The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland has so far refused to accept proposals to avoid border controls after Brexit.

The government needs to put everyone aside in the coming days for the Brexit negotiations to move forward. [19659007] The United Kingdom, which must leave the EU in March 2019, wants to open talks on a new free trade agreement as soon as possible.

But the EU will only accept this when sufficient progress has been made on the "issues of separation" that have been the subject of negotiations so far.

So the United Kingdom is trying to solve the border problem in Northern Ireland before the EU leaders meet next week.

The key point

On Monday, the DUP – whose support Prime Minister Theresa May needed for w in key votes in Westminster – opposed the draft plans drawn up by the UK and the EU.

The DUP said that the proposals, which were aimed at avoiding border controls by aligning regulations on both sides of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, were not acceptable.

The party has said that it will not accept any agreement in which Northern Ireland is treated differently from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Ireland, which is a member of the EU, says it wants a guarantee that a hard border will not be lifted after Brexit.

With Brexit, the United Kingdom leaves the EU customs union, but Mr. Grayling said that this did not mean that there should be a physical border with people conducting border controls. 19659007] Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today show, the transport secretary said people had misinterpreted the key term "regulatory alignment" that has been at the center of the debate.

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Media legend David D avis was asked what had happened with the impact evaluations

Some Eurosceptics who do not want to maintain close ties with Brussels fear that this may hinder the ability of the United Kingdom to close trade agreements with other countries.

But Mr. Grayling, a key activist license in the 2016 referendum, said: "We do not have to have it, and we have never said that we will do it, and we do not want to, in order to have a situation in which in the future our laws are identical to those of the European Union. [19659007] "There will be areas in which we do things in a very similar way, there will be areas where we do not do things in a very similar way and that is all that the prime minister I wanted to guarantee: to ensure trade. It flows as freely as possible across the border. "

He added:" I remain absolutely optimistic that we will reach a successful point, we will move on to commercial conversations, because ultimately, it is in everyone's interest that this happens. "

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, said he hoped Theresa May presented a new wording intended to satisfy all parties, adding:" I expressed my willingness to consider that. "

] Adam Fleming of the BBC said that after an update by the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, on Wednesday, the EU member states agreed that there should be clarity in 48 hours so that they have enough time to consult with their capitals on the project of guidelines for the second phase of the talks.

At the December 14-15 summit, European leaders will decide if progress has been made in the negotiations on Ireland, the "divorce law" of the United Kingdom and Citizens' rights so far to open trade talks.

The pressure facing Ms. May was underlined on Wednesday when 19 Tory MPs backing a "soft Brexit" wrote eron Ms. May said that it was "highly irresponsible" for someone to dictate terms that could scuttle a deal.

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This followed the eurosceptic MP urging her to lie down new red lines before agreeing to hand over money.

In the last letter, the 19 parliamentarians, who largely supported Remain in the 2016 referendum, say that they support the management of the negotiations by the prime minister, particularly the "political and practical difficulties". "related to the Irish border."

But they criticized what they say are attempts by some in their party to present a scenario without treatment in which the United Kingdom did not agree to a trade agreement as "a status quo that the UK simply chooses to be adopted. "

Parliamentarians included former cabinet ministers Stephen Crabb, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan.

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