Minecraft fans found the seed for the “iconic” pack.png image

It has been just over a month since I discovered the location for Minecraft’s title screen, and now another group of die-hard fans have managed to find the location of another frequently-viewed image. Pack.png is a picture you will probably fill in yourself if you have played the Minecraft Java version – this is the image used for the default texture pack as well as the default server icon.

Finding the birthplace of this picture was no small feat, however, it took eight months and two supercomputers to get there.

The discovery of pack.png was launched earlier this year by Minecraft YouTuber “SalC1”. The tiniest picture, a mere 128 × 128 pixel that Cell 1 calls “the most iconic image in Minecraft history”, has been in the game for years, but its location was a mystery.

As you can imagine, there is not much to go on this little picture. So, a dedicated group of SalC1 and Minecraft adventurers (archaeologists? Time travelers?) First had to enhance that image. With some analysis and a little guesswork, they managed to reduce the information about the state of the block enough to develop a method to find the world where this part of the landscape might be.

“Due to the large number of possible seeds for the randomly generated Minecraft world (281,474,976,710,656), no individual could examine every single seed themselves,” the group reported in a brilliant methodology document. “Instead, we used the compute-sharing platform BOINC to search through this entire seed area to get a list of about 700,000 potential world seeds. While this may sound like a very large number, it made the rest of the quest very easy to complete. Once the seeds of the candidate were determined, they were run through another program, examining whether the elevation of the locality matched the recreation of the pack.png. This resulted in only one seed until the end: 3257840388504953787. ”

If you want to see it for yourself, the coordinates are x = 49, z = 0. You have to be on the Alpha 1.2.2 version of Minecraft to do this, however, to enter the seeds in that version, you need to create a new world with the seeds in beta 1.3, copy to Level.dat, then Remove chunks. SalC1 has more detailed instructions on its Discord server.

Once you get a good idea of ​​that, you can hit our finest Minecraft Seed Guide for a lot of excursions around the world with exciting and beautiful locations.

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