Milo Ventimiglia wears shorts, makes the internet go crazy

While it’s unclear if Milo is aware of the rumors surrounding his outfit at the gym, he previously revealed that he “didn’t feel uncomfortable” being called a sex symbol.

“I think what I’m trying to do is better represent what men could be, what is kind, what is to give, what is not easy,” the actor said in 2017 during an interview on SiriusXM. Bevels. “Don’t get that confused … Just be a strong man, a good man, contribute to the world rather than take it away. I think [doing] that, you’re going to attract a good partner. “

He continued: “You are going to attract someone who will admire you for who you are, maybe not for how the nose is positioned in relation to the chin.”

Milo also expressed his gratitude for having such a devoted fan base.

“I make people smile, come up to me and love who I am,” he explained. “If I can give back to them and make them feel as important … as they make me feel by saying, ‘I appreciate what you do,’ well, ‘I appreciate that you appreciate what I do, and I thank you that you are just a person sitting across from me. Hell, man! ‘”

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