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Milo Ventimiglia fell to the pool at Golden Globes 2018 Afterparty

Making a splash! Milo Ventimiglia fell in the pool while attending HBO's Golden Globes party at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday, January 7.

The star This Is Us 40, remembered the incident through his Instagram Story on Sunday night. "Good time at the Balloons tonight," said Ventimiglia, who wore a wet hairstyle and changed his suit and tie for a black shirt and glasses.

"Congratulations Sterling, Excited," added Gilmore Girls praising his cost and son on screen, Sterling K. Brown for winning the Best Actor award in a television drama. "And all the rest, great night."

  Milo Ventimiglia Instagram
Courtesy of Milo Ventimiglia / Instagram

Ventimiglia showed a script for an upcoming episode of the NBC series, confirming that he is "back home" and "Studying for [filming] tomorrow. " Finally, the actor Heroes addressed his drenched hair: "And yes, I fell in the pool"

Although the group was mostly covered, NPR reporter Eric Deggans took to Twitter to share a snapshot of an open water area in which he saw Ventimiglia slip by.

"At HBO's Golden Globes party," wrote Deggans. "I think I just saw Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us slip and fall into the pool, which is mostly covered but open in one place …"

Early in the evening, the Emmy nominee walked the red carpet and posed for photos with Brown and more of his co-stars This Is Us ] including Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley . He was later seen doing selfies with fans at the HBO party.

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