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Millennials, rejoice: the seedless avocados are here

Finally, a solution to the injury that plagued us all in 2017.

Avocados without holes are now sold in the UK, as a way to reduce the injuries suffered while coining the slippery seed from the center – A problem that was getting worse so much that doctors started calling the lesion "avocado hand".

Calling the invention the holy grail of avocados, food researchers at retailers Marks & Spencer have begun selling "cocktail avocados," perfect for the clumsy lover of healthy fats in their lives.

According to The Guardian, the avocado cocktail, which is much thinner than its average Hass and has edible skin, is grown in Spain with a non-pressed seed. At this time, it is only available during December, and only in Great Britain.

Avocados cocktails arrive at the perfect time, and not only because the doctor's offices are full of injuries with knives thanks to them. The increase in demand and a prolonged drought have increased prices this year.

These safe avocados were available to restaurants before this, but it is the first time that everyday customers can get their hands slippery and clumsy.

"We made the mini, the giant, [the] split into slices, and now we're launching the Holy Grail of stoneless avocados," said Charlotte Curtis, M & S food technology specialist, The Guardian . "This amazing fruit has been on our radar for a couple of years and we are very excited that we have finally been able to obtain [ahold] from some for our customers to try it out."

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