Military police interrogate heat rays for use on White House protesters: report

A senior military police officer in the Department of Defense for the DC area has questioned whether the National Guard had a military heat-ray mechanism that could be used to disperse protesters outside the White House on June 1 Was.

Documents obtained from the whistleblower of Major Adam DeMarco of the CT National Guard show that the provost marshal of the Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region briefed him on an email about a long-range acoustic device known as the LRAD, as well as a Active Denial System (ADS), NPR reported.

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The ADS is a controversial device designed 20 years ago by the military that heats human skin as it comes into direct contact with it, causing people to immediately flee an area.

NPR reported that the mechanism was designed to disperse crowds or targets without the use of lethal force.

The provost marshal’s email stated, “ADS can provide our troops with a capability that currently extends beyond small arms range, and to reach potential adversaries at a safe, effective and non-lethal manner and Provides them with the ability to engage. ” “ADS can immediately force a person to stop threatening behavior …[and] Provides intense heat sensation on skin surface. “

Protesters, who gathered to protest the death of George Floyd, begin to run from the tear gas used by police to clear the road near the White House in Washington, Monday, June 1, 2020 (Associated Press )

The email states, “This effect is tremendous, due to immediate response by the targeted person.”

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DeMarco, who has demanded whistleblower protection, said that “the DC National Guard was not in possession of an LRAD or ADS,” so neither was used against protesters.

The email on which DeMarco was copied was sent out the same day that tear gas and smoke grenades were used on protesters near the White House, before President Trump outside St. John’s Episcopal Church on 16th Street Posed with a Bible. It has since been renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza.

The recent protests were not the first time government officials have considered using an ADS device outside of military use.

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US Customs and Border Protection reportedly suggested using the devices to stop migrants crossing the US-Mexico border during a meeting with then Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, The New York Times reported.

According to the Times, a colleague said “Nielsen” would not authorize the use of such a device, and insisted that “it should never be brought again in his presence.”

Fox News could not immediately reach the United Nations Headquarters National Capital Region for comment.