Military flyover wishes the oldest surviving American WWII veterans on their 111th birthday

The oldest known American veteran of World War II observed the restrictions of coronovirus social distances, as he celebrated his 111th birthday in New Orleans.

The National WWII Museum arranged a socially distant birthday celebration for Lawrence Brooks at his home on Saturday, Fox 8 New Orleans reported.

Brooks watched from his porch as the museum’s vocal trio, The Victory Bells, singing “Happy Birthday” to him from outside his gate.

Lawrence Brooks celebrated his 111th birthday on Saturday as the oldest surviving American World War II veteran
(National WWII Museum)

According to the station, he also enjoyed military aircraft flyovers organized by the Aerosil Aerobatic Team and The Big Easy Wing.


The military flyover greeted Lawrence Brooks on his 111th birthday in New Orleans.

The military flyover greeted Lawrence Brooks on his 111th birthday in New Orleans.
(National WWII Museum)

“It’s such an honor that the oldest surviving American veterans of World War II are so close to our institution, and this year it was meaningful for us to continue celebrating Lawrence Brooks and his incredible life safely,” said Amber Mitchell of the museum Said, according to the station.

“As we continue to lose members of The Greatest Generation, it is so important that we honor these men and women for their bravery and sacrifice while they are with us.”

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Brooks was born on September 12, 1909. He served primarily in the African-American 91st Engineer Battalion, stationed in New Guinea and then the Philippines during World War II.