Miley Cyrus revealed that her dog was electrocuted on ‘The Voice’ set

Miley Cyrus’ dog, named Little Dog, had a close call on the set of “The Voice”.

On 27-year-old Saina, “Gina the Latina and Frankie Wee Morning Show”, “You know like strings everywhere on the set. We all got people to sing, everyone is cruising around … and my dog Goes off and looks at the TV wires and watches everyone and suddenly we realize he is guilty and being electrocuted. ”

The “Wrecking Ball” singer reassured that the situation had been “handled” and that her dog was “completely thriving and fine”, but indicated that her dog had done one of the “most embarrassing” things .

Cyrus said that “Little Dog” is now living in Nashville and is still “doing very well.”

Miley cyrus on "Voice"
Miley Cyrus on “The Voice”Via NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal

However, the “Voice” coach, who participated in the show for season 11 and season 13, said he had another canine-related story to tell.

This time, Cyrus said that the incident happened during Halloween 2012.

She shared that one of her dogs, Mary Jane, licked “something” and got her into a little trouble.

“My dog’s a freak, I’d say that,” Cyrus said, adding later, “I had to send a vinyl record player to this human who got it … My dog ​​did something terribly wrong. I’m sorry to give.” Had to send! ”


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