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Mookie Betts has been putting on a show throughout the postseason, with periodic highlights ranging from home runs to home run-robbing catches that make you question the laws of gravity. The performance of sons on the national stage has caused some to ask a question that is practically condemnable: Hussey Mookie
Mukki Bates A show has been put in place during the postshaine, with periodic highlights ranging from home runs to catches of home run-robbers, making you question the laws of gravity.
The sons’ performance on the national stage has forced some to ask a question that seems practically blasphemous: Has Mukki gone ahead? Mike trout As the best player in the game?

This is a fascinating debate for sports radio or social media, but we hear nothing in those arenas are going to settle this argument. We wanted the opinion of those who shaped the rosters around the league, so we asked the eight front-office officials the following questions:
Who would you rather have: Mookie Bates or Mike Trout?
Each executive praised the sons for their incredible talent, and while each of them pleased the Dodgers superstars patrolling the right field for their club, the results were almost unanimous: each executive opted out except for one trout, and The other called it. Attract.
“Trout is the most consistent, best player on the planet,” said an American league executive. “He can retire before the age of 30 and you will still have a strong argument that he is a Hall of Famer. I am not sure that many people do not fall under the category of Ruth or Cobb. Mukki is playing very well right now; I am still taking trout. ”

A National League executive did not compare Trout to Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb or anyone else. He placed Angels Superstars in his class.
“He is the greatest player in the history of baseball,” NL exec said. “Mookie deserves a lot of attention right now, but Trout is literally the best player.”

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A second NL executive chose Trout, but not before trying to stack his makeup-outfield.
“Can I have both?” he said. “As good as Mookie is, I think trout are more dynamic and I think their skill set might be a little better. There is definitely no wrong answer.

An AL executive with a background in scouting loves both players, calling Bates’ talent “crazy”, and his championship pedigree has thrust him into a conversation with Trout as the sport’s best player, but the executive has Still shook the trout in one head — a comparison of the head despite the lack of postmen résumé.

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“Trout is still on his own with elite athleticism with a distinctive Hall of Fame trajectory,” the AL exec said. “Baseball is a team game with individual performances. The Dodgers’ excellence has enhanced Bates’ power and all-around prowess, while Trout has been re-charged to watch his beloved Eagles due to Engels’ inferior roster. Trout is still the king of the jungle. ”

The AL exec who could not choose between the two superstars used a delicious metaphor to answer the question.
“, I will order both beer and tacos,” the execution said. “They are different but equally tasty.”

Some officials cited the contractual conditions of the two players when making comparisons. Trout has 10 years and $ 354.5 million left on his deal, while Bates is signed to $ 365 million for the next 12 years.
“Bates is a year younger and has signed cheaper [by average annual value], But I’ll probably take trout because he’s a better hitter, “one NL exec said. “It should be a little better, but it’s close.”
“Both players are cheap,” said an AL executive.
A field leading Bates to trout was on the field, where the four-time Gold Glove winner is considered the best fielder in the game. To compile all the hardware trout during the past decade, he has yet to win a Gold Glove for his game in center field.

While this particular debate was limited to trout vs. Bates, an NL executive decided to throw a third name into the mix.
“Juan Soto is rapidly approaching both,” the execution said.
Hmmm. Maybe we will revisit this in a year.

Mark finsand, An executive reporter, originally joined MLB.com in 2001 as a reporter.


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