Mike Teavee of Willy Wonka was totally a risky contestant this week

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory remains one of the most beloved children's films of recent decades, so it is understandable that the now adult children who made the film so unforgettable are still recognized by fans. Alex Trebek and the team Jeopardy! recently welcomed Paris Themmen, who played the television comic Mike Teavee in the film, this week's show, though not to mention his past chocolate factory! Those who knew reacted quickly to the obvious omission of the game:

Paris Themmen managed to sneak in Jeopardy! totally incognito before the public, since it seems that Alex Trebek and the rest of the staff ignored his fame as an actor. It really makes you wonder which producer would miss a joke in a joke about how the boy of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory whose dream was to be on TV, was actually on TV? 58 Themmen told TMZ that he added his acting credit to his profile before going to the show, but noted that Trebek must have found his other two more entertaining facts. Trebek instead opted to spend his share of the interview Themmen with admiration the contestant had traveled to 61 countries.

Jeopardy! & # 39; s apathy is somewhat surprising considering the interesting thing of a fact that would be mentioned, but it is also forgivable given Paris The current celebrity of Themmen. Themmen has spent most of her time since her first role outside the limelight and has really only emerged from the private sector to appear in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager or to be a guest judge in a Food Network show Even the majority of Twitter, despite all the comments that its users had from the moment it appeared on the screen and the series did not recognize it, did not realize that the celebrity would be in the program before appearing on their screens of TV. If only those people had been one of the more than 500 followers of Themmen on Twitter, they would have known:

Paris Themmen & # 39; s time on Jeopardy! had a short life as People reported that it came in second place with only $ 6,800 in earnings. Of course, now that it has managed to participate in the series to be a contestant, the game show would not have to investigate it for a future episode. of Celebrity Jeopardy! if I wanted to go back for another chance in winner!

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