Mike Sexton, World Poker Tour legend, dies at 72

World Poker Tour and partypoker, an online poker company Sexton cofounded, confirmed his death. Fellow poker winner Linda Johnson said Sexton was “battling prostate cancer” that had spread to other organs shortly before his death.

Sexton had a hand in every aspect of poker – broadcasting, trading and sports. The greats of poker say that this game would not be as successful today without their influence.

Mike Sexton found that PartProker is a successful online card table.

Sexton was a long-time commentator for the World Poker Tour, which hosts international television tournaments with broadcast partner Vince Van Patten.

As a player, he has won nearly $ 7 million since his debut in the 1980s. His rivals hardly won when he would take his chips as he was widely liked, with actress and poker player Jennifer Tilley Tweeted after his death.
After nearly 15 years of commentary for the World Poker Tour, Sexton won her own World Poker Tour title in 2016. The time it took Sexton to win it was special – parts of a film, Jeep Staples Tweeted.
A bot can now beat poker players on a six-player Texas hold;
He wrote two books, founded a non-profit institution to donate sportspersons to veterans causes and Las Vegas communities, and created Partipoker. Sexton coached Little League Baseball and even dropped poker baseball if they interfered with his baseball schedule. In 2008, they had a son, TyAt the age of 61.
A year after the birth of his son, he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. It was one of the highest accolades he had received in his career, he said, second only to the World Poker Tour’s decision to rename his Champions Cup.
In a tribute blog, Prof Phil Helmath stated that the game is indebted to Sexton.

“Poker would not be considered as good as it is currently without Mike Sexton,” Helmut wrote. “Mike Ghagh has been a gentleman, and described poker better than anyone else.”

Upon being informed of his death, many of Sexton’s friends and fans shared Sexton’s famous sign-off: “May all your cards go live, and all your utensils be monsters.”


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