Mike Petin out in Green Bay

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The Packers need a new defensive coordinator.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Mike Pettine’s contract is ending and he will not return to Green Bay in 2021.

This is not a big surprise, given that the Packers defense gave their NFC Championship Game Los Buccaneers some letdown, most notably a long touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Scooty Miller a week ago. A lapse like this would not make the coach do his job if everything else was going to be a swim, but it happened several times during the 2020 season that the Packers’ defense was not particularly well-coached, and head coach Matt LaFelur The loss to the Buccaneers indicated that he was not happy with Paytm.

Now Pettine, the former Browns head coach who also served as defensive coordinator with the Jets and Bills, will try to find a new job. And the Packers will try to find a coordinator who can play their defense at the Super Bowl level after a year in which they fell just short.

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