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Mike Pence spoke about brothers in the fraternity for having barrels, says his former classmate

According to reports, Vice President Mike Pence spoke of his fraternity brothers and told the associate dean of the university that there were barrels inside his Phi Gamma Delta home.

Pence's former brother, Dan Murphy, told The Atlantic that when the future vice president was a second-year student at Hanover College in Indiana, his home got into hot water with the school. At that time, Pence was the president of his fraternity.

Murphy said his fraternity was organizing crazy parties at his home to imitate the movie "Animal House." Former Phi Gamma Delta member said they had toga parties despite the strict dry campus rule.


The brothers of the fraternity carried out elaborate plans to bring alcohol to their home in order to organize wild parties. However, Pence was not very fond of parties, Murphy said.

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An image of multiple barrels. According to reports, Vice President Mike Pence told the university administrator where the barrels were in the fraternity house.


In fact, Pence was normally the moderator and was sent to soften things up with "the adults" every time the fraternity got into some trouble, Murphy told The Atlantic.

Phi Gamma Delta was throwing a particularly noisy night when, reportedly, the brothers heard that the associate dean was approaching the house. The members of the fraternity quickly hid the barrels and the cups before the associate dean knocked on the door.

Pence greeted the administrator who informed him that he knew that the fraternity had barrels. Murphy said that when this kind of situation happened, one of the brothers would take the fall for all, so that the house would not be punished. However, Pence directed the administrator to the barrels and said that the fraternity owned them. The fraternity was severely punished as a result, Murphy said.

"They really got us out of the embers," Murphy said. "The whole house was closed."

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After the incident, some members of the fraternity they were reportedly furious with Pence but the political future maintained a good relationship with the school administration.

After Pence graduated, Hanover College offered him a position in his admissions office. Murphy said that when he read that Pence was chosen to be Trump's vice president, he said he "recognized a family quality in his old friend."

"Somewhere in the midst of all that genuine humility and good feelings, this is a guy who has that ambition," Murphy said. "Is Mike's religiosity a way to justify ambition to himself?"

Murphy also said Pence "agonized over his vocation" and talked about being a priest, but he was attracted to politics. The former member of the fraternity said it was obvious to him and his other brothers that Pence wanted to be president of the United States someday.

Fox News' request for a comment from Pence's office was not returned immediately.

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