Mike Mayock: Jon Gruden and I would hit the table for Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders vs. Arizona Cardinals

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By now it is well known that Russell Wilson’s agent said the Raiders are one of four teams on the quarterback’s short list if he requested a trade.

But Las Vegas already has a quarterback under contract. And for now at least, the club seems happy to roll with Derek Carr.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Mike Mayock was indirectly asked about Wilson under the guise of a hypothesis: If an elite player is supposedly available, do you make the decision? Or do you say I got my boy I don’t need to pick up the phone

“Obviously, I can’t talk about anyone else’s players, so I won’t,” Mayock said. “I’ll just talk about Derek and tell you the same thing I’ve said to you for the last two years, which is that I think Derek Carr had his best year with Jon Gruden. I think he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and we couldn’t be happier with him.

“And I tell you every year, we evaluate every position every year. I have no idea who could call me or who could not. So you have to do the evaluations of both your own players and all the other players in the league. And you have to stack your board and understand what league value it is across the league, and we do. But if you ask me about Derek, I think Jon and I would stand shoulder to shoulder and hit the table for Derek Carr. “

Although Mayock was effusive in his praise for Carr, he left little leeway in what effectively amounts to a compliment sandwich. He said the Raiders couldn’t be happier with Carr, but noted that any team could call. And if that team offered a player that Las Vegas has rated higher than Carr, then anything could happen.

At this point, it still seems likely that the Raiders will have Carr behind center in 2021. But Mayock didn’t completely rule out the possibility of acquiring a better quarterback should a team call.

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