Mike Maycock: Lynn Bowden was traded for football reasons only

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Raiders general manager Mike Maycock says the surprise decision to trade the team’s third-round draft pick Lynn Boden was about football itself.

Despite a report that the Raiders had off-field concerns about Boden, Maycock said it was only an issue of Boden, which the Raiders envisioned for him. Boden played both wide receiver and quarterback in college at Kentucky, and Maycock said it was his own fault that he felt Boden would be a good fit in the Raiders’ offense as a running back.

“No. 1, it was a Football decision. And the character, off-the-field, the child did nothing wrong. We did all our homework on the child, off the field, ”said Maycock, by ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez. “He worked with his tail, he came to work every day. So, it was completely a football decision, it had nothing to do with anything else. Frankly, I think somebody Also a change of position year on year is a difficult one. But it is not exaggerated in the year COVID. So, you are carrying a kid who was a slot receiver in ’18, a quarterback in ’19 and a walk back in ’20. Was asking to play. And, in fact, the only other thing I’m going to say about it was my call. He wasn’t playing at the expected level today and because of that we felt That we have to do a trick. And, again, it’s 100 percent on me.

Whatever the reason, the Raiders had to leave Boden and the sixth-round pick only to take the fourth-round pick. The Raiders were missed by the Raiders in the third round.