Mike Johnson shows how he really felt when Peter Weber was cast as the lead

Graduated Nation viewers were shocked to see Peter Nuber lead Mike Johnson’s season 24. After Hannah Brown’s visit The bachelor, Johnson was an obvious fan-favorite for the new role. If selected, he would also be the franchise’s first black and veteran graduate. Now, about a year later and another graduate, Johnson is opening up about his initial reaction to the ABC’s announcement about Weber.

Mike Johnson discusses how he felt when Peter Weber was cast as the headliner of ‘The Bachelor’ season 24

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When weber was announced Bachelor Season 24 lead in September 2019, Johnson congratulated Bachelorette Co-star. However, it seems the 32-year-old was not surprised by the franchise’s decision. And despite being a strong contender, Johnson predicted that the role would eventually go to Weber.

“I think the Bachelor will be Peter,” Johnson told Entertainment Tonight in August 2019. ” [the fact that] History repeats itself. I think Peter sees the part … when he gets the shadow at 5, he looks great. ”

Then in a recent interview with Variety, Johnson echoed his earlier comment, noting that he didn’t already know how Bachelor Season 24 will go to casting.

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“I thought Peter would be Bachelor, I actually did, “Johnson said in August 2020.” Peter was perfectly fit for what he liked. I said he would be a loner, and he was a loner. ”

Still, Johnson admitted he was angry because he was not beheaded Bachelor The team decided to cast Weber.

“I was angry just because I wish I had been told beforehand. It would have been nice, ”Johnson said. “It happens when you go for a job interview and you never back down. But then you don’t get work. We were talking. But then they just chose the person they chose. ”

Mike Johnson revealed that he had not been approached to become a new graduate for season 25

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Even after Weber’s season Bachelor In the end, many fans continued to campaign for Johnson leading up to season 25. But in a surprising turn of events, Matt James, who was originally cast for Clare Crowley for the season has not yet aired. The bachelorObtained the role of.

Meanwhile, Johnson confirmed that he was never contacted by the casting team Bachelor Season 25. Although veterans of the Air Force continue to appreciate the support of fans.

Mike Johnson ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Image / Craig Szodin

“I know that for two consecutive years, I was a popular choice. This is not a dig for anyone else, it’s just true, ”Johnson said with Variety in the interview above. “I was super appreciative just for the idea.”

He acknowledged the efforts of Bachelor Nation after he left The bachelor And Bachelor in heaven Without his perfect match. But ultimately, Johnson knows that the decision is not for fans.

“When it didn’t happen both times, it was like you could win the popular vote, but lose the electoral college vote,” Johnson said. “The people in charge did not want me for whatever reason. But I know they think I’m great, and I think they’re great. He chose what he chose. ”

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