Mike French's idea to fix the Knicks' selection: Trade No. 1 for LeBron James

Mike French has a bold idea for the Knicks.

The WFAN presenter proposed on his radio show Thursday night that if the Knicks win the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft lottery on Tuesday, they should trade that selection to the Los Angeles Lakers for Lebron James Instead of drawing the 19-year-old Duke star Zion Williamson.

"The question is, do you want LeBron James or not? I understand what equipment you have, but do you want LeBron James or not?" he asks a caller who was not on board with the idea.

French emphasized to another unsure person that the addition of James would undoubtedly send the Knicks to the NBA Finals next year.

"Oh, you're going to the finals next year," he said. "If I can promise you a trip to the Finals next year, I do not know if you'll win or not, but … you'll be in the Finals next year, is that good enough or do you think Zion is going to go? final? "

Here are a couple of minutes of the discussion I mentioned earlier. Mike French thinks it would be prudent for the #Knicks to swap the No. 1 pick in the draft (if they have one) for LeBron James. Obviously, this move would guarantee a trip to the NBA Finals for the Knicks next season. pic.twitter.com/nANQ1BAEA0

– Ƒunhouse (@BackAftaThis) May 10, 2019

James, who turns 35 next season, could not even make the playoffs with the Lakers this year, finishing the season with 11 disappointing games behind the eighth Los Angeles Clippers and is staying out of the postseason for the first time in his career. career since The 2004-05 season.

Of course, James missed 18 games because of a groin injury and the Knicks would still have room to sign another maximum contract if they were hypothetically traded for James.

The idea of ​​the Lakers exchanging James has generated a stir in recent days as more dysfunctions at the head office continue in Los Angeles following the unexpected resignation of Magic Johnson team president and the dismissal of head coach Luke Walton.

The Lakers could not come to an agreement with Ty Lue as their new head coach on Thursday and Stephen A. Smith of ESPN reported that there are some imploring team owners, Jeanie Buss. exchange James.

If the Lakers were going to move in that direction, the Knicks would have to wonder if they would prefer to have a 35-year-old James and possibly add another star, or would they prefer to have two younger star players, like Kevin Durant Y Kyrie Irving, In addition to Williamson for the foreseeable future?

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