Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick is retiring as a hockey play-by-play broadcaster

Longtime NHL announcer Mike “Doc” Emerick is retiring as a broadcaster Monday.

“I hope I can fix retirement, especially since I’ve never done it before,” Eric told the New York Post. “But I’ve been extremely lucky for just 50 years. And NBC has been very good to me, especially since the epidemic, when I was allowed to work from home at a studio NBC.

“Now, in my golden years, it seemed just the time that was right.”

74-year-old Emerick has been playing a full-time role since 2011 for NHL Games on NBC and NBC Sports. Prior to that, he worked as a play-by-play announcer for the New Jersey Devils. For 21 seasons.

Emerick’s resume includes 22 Stanley Cup finals. He had stents at ESPN and ABC as well as Fox and CBS and six Olympic Winter Games.

In 2008, Eric was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, which awarded him the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Hockey Broadcasting.


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