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Mike D & # 39; Antoni from Houston Rockets accuses Blake Griffin of intentional contact

LOS ANGELES – Houston Rockets coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni accused Clippers Clippers forward Blake Griffin of contacting him moments before the heated confrontation that led to double technical fouls.

The confrontation occurred in front of the Houston bench with 3:34 remaining in the Clippers' victory 113-102 on Monday night.

"You mean after he hit me? I did not appreciate it," said D & # 39; Antoni.

D & # 39; Antoni was arguing with a referee about a no-call goal-end in the previous possession when Griffin drifted towards him and made contact. After receiving a foul seconds later, Griffin went directly to D & # 39; Antoni and exchanged expletives with the Rockets coach.

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"Well, after he said what he said, I said the same thing," Griffin said.

D & # 39; Antoni refused to elaborate on the contact made by Griffin.

"I will not go into that," said D & # 39; Antoni after mentioning twice that Griffin hit him. "It's not a big deal, it's really not a big deal, we just do not play well tonight."

Rockets guard Chris Paul, who played for the Clippers for the past six seasons, faced Griffin immediately after his screaming with D "Antoni.

" The coach told me he nudged him " Paul said, "Then I saw him talking crazy to train, so I'll always have the coach back."

When asked what he said to Griffin, Paul said: "Whatever it is, I'm sure that my mother is going to tell me to look at my mouth. "

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he had seen a similar coach-player incident.

" Yes, I do, "Rivers said. I have been part of that. It happens, you know. Mike probably fights for his guys, and you know … I do not think a coach should commit to a player, personally. He has been guilty of that before. You know, it's an emotional game. "

Griffin, who finished with 29 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, was sent off with 1:03 left in the game, when he took his second technical foul for a showdown with the small forward Rockers Trevor Ariza Griffin joked that the conversation was about whether he would attend Ariza's birthday party

"It was hot at the time, that's all," said Ariza, who was also expelled. "I did not hear it. I just see that someone comes to me aggressively, so I'm going to defend myself. "

D & # 39; Antoni added:" Children will be children. He got a little heated.

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