Midnight Mania! Michael Chiassa calls Callby Covington the ‘toughest battle’

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Michael Chiassa scored one hell of a performance in his second main event slot, beating Neil Magny for a majority of five rounds early today. “Maverick” was actually prominent on that mat, as his mastery skills extended his winning streak to four, putting him in a very solid position at 170 pounds.

Chiasa used the opportunity to cage former interim champion Colby Covington. At the post-fight press conference, Chiasa elaborated on why he chose “Chaos” and his answer was intriguing.

“That’s the hardest matchup for me,” said Chiesa (transcription via MMAJunkie). “Stably, that man should beat me any Sunday. From a physical war, from a mental war point of view, there are not a lot of boxes you can check that battle is on my side. But how can I say that I want to be a champion if I don’t want to fight the best people? Sometimes the best ones are the ones that are stylistically the most difficult for you.

“So when I look at the top five, I think it’s the hardest fight for me, so we’ll see what happens.” If I come small, I come small. But I want to be the best, so I had to fight the best. So that’s the guy, and with me saying that I have the year I needed last year, it seemed like just going to call the same guy out, so we’ll see how everything is shaken up.

This is certainly a sinister approach from Chiasa, who will likely struggle to pull Covington to the mat on his own terms. However, a win would give them the possibility of a title shot, so the reward is definitely with risk.

As of now, the UFC is intended for Covington vs. former friend / current foe George Masvidal. That fight has struggled for materiality in the past, however, perhaps Chiasa will get her wish.


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Midnight Music: I spent my writing time today listening to Spotify’s Essential Folk playlist, so here is a track from that mix.

Sleep well maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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