Microtransactions of the Second World War were added, this is what they cost


By Liana Ruppert

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<p>  Microtransactions The word, and practice in the game, that simply will not die. <em> Call of Duty: WWII </em> is now available for players to enjoy and between while other new objects fall for the game, microtransactions are also added, which will be executed in a similar way to how they were handled by the oldest titles in the series.They can be purchased with "<em> Call of Duty </em> Points ", so we decided to divide it so that players know how much it will cost if they decide to go to the IRL money route: </p>
<li>  200 Call of Duty Points – $ 2 </li>
<li>  1,100 Call of Duty Points – $ 10 </li>
<li>  2,400 Call of service points – $ 20 </li>
<li>  5,000 Call of Duty Points $ 30 </li>
<li>  9,500 Call of Duty Points – $ 75 </li>
<li>  1 3,000 Call of Duty Points – $ 100 </li>
<p>  For players who wish to enter soon, 200 in the house <em> Call of Duty </em> points will be waiting. These points can be used for rare drops of supplies to give advantage in multiplayer and zombies. There are quite a few items in the game and accessories that the loot boxes can get you and they will work in a similar way to <em> Black Ops III </em> and <em> Infinite Warfare. </em> </p>
<p>  The implementation of this was also scheduled for the last title, but Sledgehammer decided to delay its inclusion to focus on a successful launch. When <em> Call of Duty WWII </em> made its debut for the first time, there were many problems with the servers that affected the players, which made the main concern of the developing team out. Now that everything seems to go from strength to strength, the latest Call of Duty title is on the fast track of strong sales. </p>
<p><em>  Call of Duty WWII </em> is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. </p>
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