Microsoft’s Surface Duo costs $ 1,399 and will arrive on September 10

Microsoft’s effort on dual-screen Android devices is almost upon us. In a blog post (which we were speculating was quickly published, given how little the company is talking about the news) the company has re-unveiled the Surface Duo and announced That it will be shipping on 10 September. This means that hardware from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 may hit the market before, with a pre-order date of just 1 September.

Like Samsung’s high-end foldable, the hinges and extra display will cost you. Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Duo will cost $ 1,399, which is more expensive than many flagships, including the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ($ 1299). For that price, though, you’ll be getting two 5.6-inch screens that come with a larger 8.1-inch pixel-fusion display. All of this is organized by a “revolutionary 360-degree hinge” that we’re praying to put out a little better debris than Samsung’s first Galaxy Fold folder.