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Microsoft’s secret Surface patents have been transformed into this 3D concept


According to reports, Microsoft is working on a folding mobile device similar to a notebook, much like the Courier concept of the company. While there have been rumors of a Surface Phone for years, the software giant filed patents last week, which provided a close look at some of the intricate hinge details of that device. Designer David Breyer has taken the detailed patents and transformed them into an impressive work of art in 3D.

The mysterious Microsoft device seems to have a wraparound screen that covers the hinge space when it opens completely (like a book). The conceptual images of Breyer show how the device could work in a "store mode" to see content, or even closed to see emails on the surrounding screen. The Microsoft device seems to have two separate sections that fold together, and previous rumors suggest that the company will use a pen to transform this mobile device into a notebook. The Breyer concept looks like a modern mix of Sony VAIO P, Nokia Communicator and Nintendo 3DS.

It is important to note that these conceptual images are based solely on Microsoft's patents and that such a device will never reach the market. Microsoft previously created a Surface Mini tablet, only to kill it a few weeks before it was discovered. However, Microsoft patents should not be ruled out quickly. The software maker filed the patents of its Surface Studio months before it was revealed, and the first drawings were identical to how the company's all-in-one PC was released. Either way, this "Surface Phone" certainly does not look like a typical phone, as promised by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

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