Microsoft’s first Android phone, the Surface Duo, is now available

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is a dual-screen Android phone from the manufacturer of Windows, now available for order and shipping to consumers. It is the first smartphone released by Microsoft five years ago after support for the Windows Phone platform ended.
Offered at $ 1,399, the Surface Duo features two 5.6-inch OLED screens, each with a resolution of 1,800 by 1,350 pixels. The screen is separated by a 360-degree hinge, so you can open it like a book or fold it around. Of course, the device is much larger – 145.2 mm × 186.9 mm × 4.8 mm. As our own Ron Amadeo noted that when the phone’s ship date was officially announced, it is a bit too big to be considered a phone in the book of some, given that it would not fit in many pockets. And at that point, Microsoft does not call it one.
So if it’s not a phone, is it a tablet? Sort, but it comes with features like phones, including running a smartphone build of Android and voice calls over the same cellular network like AT&T, which is the carrier in addition to the unlocked version sold directly by Microsoft Sells phones.

Microsoft announced the Surface Duo with the Surface Neo, which is also a dual-screen tablet / phone hybrid. But Neo is designed for a version of Windows designed for dual-screen devices instead of Android.

For Specs, the Surface Duo has 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 855 processor. It comes in 128GB and 256GB variants and includes a 3577mAh battery. There is only one camera (11 megapixels), but it can be either a front or a rear camera depending on what you do with the hinge. User authentication is done via a fingerprint reader, and the device supports input from the Surface Pen. For ports, there is just one: USB-C.
It only has one speaker, so you won’t get stereo audio here. That said, it would be challenging to have stereo audio that with just two speakers you can hold or orient the device.
The Surface Duo runs Android 10. Android 11, which came out this week only, so the Duo comes with a prior version of Android. However, this is not uncommon with Android phones.

Such dual-screen phones have come to light because efforts by companies such as Samsung to make foldable screens have not gone well recently (just read our review), but to use a giant smartphone to open a smartphone-sized device The dream lives on a tablet-sized viewport.

If you’re feeling like this is an early start, you can order the Duo from Microsoft’s website starting today.

Image listed by Israel Rodriguez