Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console named Xbox Series S, leaks show


Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox series X console will hit store shelves later this year, we know. But rumors have been seen to revolve around a less powerful, less expensive version in recent months. The cheaper console codename is said to carry Xbox Lockhart.

But the leaked packaging for a next-gen Xbox controller, discovered on sale by a Reddit user, suggests that its official name will be the Xbox Series S. Packaging notes state that the controller works on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, PC, PC. Android and iOS devices.

For: Xbox series X / S, packaging note.

Reddit user Zakk_exe

The user, Zakk_exe, claims that he bought it on OfferUp for $ 35, and that it brought a code for Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

If the leak is correct, it will be the second one to surround the Xbox console. The leaked developer notes in June led to the existence of a second next-gen Xbox to be launched alongside the more powerful Series X.

We may not have to wait long to make series S official. Microsoft will rUnveil the console at the end of august. This follows comments made by Phil Spencer, Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, that the company would reveal more information about the Series X in August.

Neither Microsoft or Sony have announced pricing for their next-gen console. Like Microsoft, Sony will have two changes to its PlayStation 5 hardware. There will be a standard unit, and a cheap, digital-only console with no disk drive.