Microsoft Your Phone deploys mobile data synchronization and MMS support


It has always been the dream of reliably controlling the smartphone from a computer, through the synchronization of notifications, text messages from the PC and the mirror screen. Several applications may have different aspects of this: the Microsoft phone is one of the most prominent. With the latest update v.3.8.4, your phone application now supports MMS and the use of mobile data to synchronize notifications, photos and messages.

Happy to announce the launch of feature # 1 you have been requesting: #YourPhone Now it supports synchronization in mobile data! It is no longer necessary for your phone to be connected to Wi-Fi to send messages, photos and notifications. Mobile application version 3.8.4. Go to configuration> synchronization on mobile data!

– Roberto Bojorquez [Microsoft] (@Bojorchess) May 18, 2019

The Microsoft product manager, Roberto Bojorquez, brought the update to light, calling the mobile data synchronization of the most requested feature of the application. You do not have to connect to Wi-Fi to use your phone for travelers, who often find access points with a limited number of logins. However, the screen duplication function will not work on mobile data, since it depends on Wi-Fi directly. Along with mobile data synchronization, Windows Insiders can now use the SMS function to send and receive GIF and images: although you must build at least 18362.113 (19H1) or 18885 (20H1).

The search to control the smartphone from the PC began with pushbullet, although alternatives such as Join and AirDroid began offering more attractive feature and payment sets, such as a single unlock rate instead of a monthly subscription.

Soon, larger companies began to implement similar functionality for free, such as Dell Mobile Connect and Samsung Flow. Google even sends text messages from the PC to your Messages application. Despite all these options, Microsoft has the potential to be the de facto application for millions of Android and PC users, by virtue of the size and scope of the company.

You can download your phone from Play Store or in APKMirror and get the installer.

Your phone companion
Your phone companion

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