Microsoft xCloud released for Android, here’s how to play

Microsoft Project xCloud will also let people stream games on mobile devices.


Microsoft’s new game streaming service, Project xCloud, is now available on Android phones and tablets. It directly competes with Google’s Stadia, which launched last year and allows people to play PC games on Android phones, Google’s Chromecast Ultra, and the Chrome web browser on most computers.

Think of Xcloud as “Netflix of gaming”. MIcrosoft’s game streaming service lets you play high-quality games that usually require a powerful Xbox game console, anywhere an Xbox (sometimes without the need to buy an Xbox) is fast enough (10Mbps or better ) Is an internet connection. In comparison, Netflix requires half the speed or 5Mbps for HD video streams.

The service can help attract casual gamers to Microsoft’s ecosystem, as they do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on an Xbox. Game streaming is included as Microsoft’s $ 14.99 / month Xbox Game Pass ultimate service, which offers over 150 Xbox games. Most games require an Xbox controller for your phone over Bluetooth, although some Microsoft’s “Minecraft Dangens” also support touchscreen controls.

Google Stadia is free, but you have to pay full price for the game, which ranges from $ 14.99 to $ 60 or more. Premium Stadia customers get more free titles and 4K gaming per month if their internet connection is fast enough to support it. Microsoft’s solution is a lot more like Netflix’s than Google’s, which don’t pay you in person, but you can eat for everyone until you pay the monthly fee.

Your experience depends entirely on how good your internet connection is. This can sometimes be a problem. At home, where I have fast internet, it feels very similar to playing directly from my console. If your connection is too slow, this problem will not work, which Google Stadia also has. This is one of the reasons carriers are emphasizing the new 5G network that will one day provide fast enough data speeds so that the game can be played anywhere on your phone.

Some industry leaders on streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud have not yet been fully sold. In an interview with Protocol published on Tuesday, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said that game streaming would not change the way we play games. Take-Two is an important player in the gaming industry. It publishes hit games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and “NBA 2k” and some of its titles are already available on Google Stadia’s competitive platform.

Genelik said the protocol stated that streaming services rely too much on Wi-Fi or cellular networks that will not always be sufficiently fast.

He said, “I am speaking against my interest. We are about to portray this portrait of Nirvana; however, I do not think it is Nirvana.” “Nirvana is making great hits, and then people will find them. We have sold 135 million units of Grand Theft Auto V, 32 million units of Red Dead Redemption. I wish I could tell you that there will be a point where different clouds come in. Gaming services. Would mean those numbers are double or triple, but I don’t really see it. ”

Gamers, who own iPhones and iPads, cannot use Microsoft’s new service on those devices. Apple’s developer regulations prevented game-streaming services until very recently. And, while Apple updated its developer’s terms on September 11 to allow these types of services, Microsoft feels they will still offer “a bad experience for customers” because Apple has to pay Microsoft every game Will need to be served as a separate download.

You can try Microsoft Game Streaming by doing this:

  • Sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It is $ 14.99 a month after a $ 1 free trial.
  • Select your Xbox controller with your Android phone or tablet by pressing the small pair button on the back and opening the Bluetooth on your Android phone and then selecting the controller.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Download Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass app.
  • Open the application and sign-in to your Microsoft account.
  • Tap the “Cloud” tab at the top.
  • Select “Play” under the game you want to play.