Microsoft Xbox Series X May Forced Sony to Reduce PlayStation 5 Price

Microsoft’s shockingly low price for its upcoming Xbox Series S surprised more than just video game fans – it also shocked main competitor Sony.

The Japanese gaming giant is under pressure to slash the MSRP of its upcoming PlayStation 5, which was more than “fairly” reported by European blog Gamereactor that Microsoft had announced for its two new consoles.

Console manufacturers have locked in a stardown for months, which will release pricing details for their next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This week Microsoft reported that its top-tier Xbox Series X will cost $ 499, while the Budget Series S retails for a wallet-friendly $ 299.

Rumors had landed the high-end PlayStation 5 for $ 599, with its all-digital younger brother retailing for $ 499. However, after Microsoft’s announcement, Sony may decide to give $ 100 off each console’s price tag to better compete with the Xbox, according to GameReactor.

Viewers were expected to shell out a minimum of $ 400 for the next generation of consoles, whose top processors and technical specs promise lifelong graphics. Series S pricing means a new gaming system can be had for the same price as the 7-year-old PlayStation 4 or Xbox One – and matches the $ 299 price of the mega-popular Nintendo Switch.

Actually, the Xbox Series X’s $ 499 price is less than $ 599, Sony first announced the PlayStation 3 for it in 2006.

Two upcoming PlayStation 5 models
Two upcoming PlayStation 5 models.Sony

This is not the first time Sony has waited to see what Microsoft was going to charge for its new Xbox. In 2013, Sony reduced the price of the Xbox One to under $ 100 when it announced that the PlayStation 4 would sell for $ 399.

The new Xbox models will be available for preorder on September 22, and will hit the store on November 10. 10. Sony has not yet announced a release date for the PlayStation 5, but has said that it will be available on time for all- the important holiday shopping season.

Both Xbox consoles will be available through the Xbox All Access installation program, which will allow gamers to pay $ 35 or $ 25 per month for their Series S or Series X for a 24-month period, and the Xbox Game Library. Can reach.

Sony is poised for high demand for the new PlayStation, and will limit its new console sales per person, according to the text found in the PlayStation website’s backend code earlier in the summer.

“You can only buy one version of the PS5 console: disc or digital,” reads a pop-up that will be shown to customers who try to purchase multiple consoles. “You’ve already added a PS5 console to your vehicle.”

Sony is expecting a hurry for the high-powered device, as consumer appetite for gaming has inspired people due to coronovirus. Japanese jugglers are reportedly increasing production and the PS5 is planned to make 10 million consoles available when it is released later this year.