Microsoft will end compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile, suggests iOS or Android

Microsoft will soon complete compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile, formerly called Windows Phone, and suggested that users switch to iOS or Android smartphones.

Microsoft recently uploaded a support page titled Windows 10 Mobile End of Support: Frequently Asked Questions. Seen for the first time by Thurott, the page reveals the company's plans to close the smartphone platform.

Windows 10 Mobile users in the latest 1709 version will no longer be able to receive new security updates, non-security reviews, free support options, and online technical content updates as of December 10, 2019. Microsoft said that third parties or paid support programs can continue, but reiterated that they will no longer provide updates or public patches for the platform.

Meanwhile, devices with Windows 10 Mobile in the 1703 version will only be compatible until June 11.

Once the badistance is finished, the automatic and manual creation of new backup copies of the device for the configuration and some applications will continue for three months until March 10, 2020. Some services, such as loading images and restoring the device to Through backup copies, they will continue to work for up to 12 months.

To be clear, the Windows 10 Mobile device will not turn off once support is complete. However, continued use for the smartphone will entail more risks as there will be no more security updates, and services such as restoration of backup copies will eventually be eliminated.

With support that ends in less than a year, what should Windows 10 Mobile users do? Microsoft recommends a change to an iOS or Android device.

"The mission statement of Microsoft to train every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, forces us to support our mobile applications on those platforms and devices," says the support page. Microsoft Office products are available for iOS and Android, so the company will continue to have a presence on smartphones even after Windows 10 Mobile shuts down. It would be convenient to switch to a new device before the end of compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile.

The end of Microsoft's support for Windows 10 Mobile may be the company's method to pave the way for the rumored Surface Phone, whose code name is Andromeda. It is believed to be a foldable smartphone, which is apparently the next stage in the evolution of the mobile, as companies such as Samsung and Huawei are preparing to launch such devices.

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