Microsoft will close Cortana iOS and Android apps in 2021

Microsoft plans for Invoke speakers are most likely to resent. The company will be rolling out firmware updates on smart devices to convert it to Bluetooth speakers. “The firmware update will be automatically delivered to devices connected to WiFi within six months of its release,” the company said.

As an olive branch to invite owners, Microsoft plans to send them a $ 50 gift card. To be eligible, you must use your Invoke speaker to inquire about Cortana between July 31 and before today’s announcement.

As noted above, Microsoft plans to remove the current iteration of the Cortana from its first-generation Surface headphones in early 2021. Once the change is made, you will still be able to use the digital assistant, but only through the integration that comes with Outlook Mobile. First-generation Surface headphones owners can get a $ 25 gift card.

“We’ve spent a lot of time thinking through this transition and understand that these changes can be disruptive for some of our customers,” the company said.

As The verge pointsThe changes mark another step in Cortana reinforcement as a productivity-focused digital assistant. Cortana is not going away, but is tweaking software to better compliment apps like Microsoft Outlook and teams. By doing so, the company hopes to make room for digital assistant away from the likes of Assistant and Alexa. Of course, if you bought into the company’s original approach to Cortana, it’s all small consolation.

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