Microsoft will add text predictions to Word next month

Text prediction can make typing much faster.

Gabriel Sama / CNET

Microsoft plans to roll out text prediction support for Word in March, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Text predictions in Word, previously spotted by the Neowin technology news website, will work similar to Smart writing in Google Docs. Text prediction uses machine learning to anticipate the word or phrase the author needs to type next for faster text composition.

When text predictions are enabled at Microsoft, the suggestions will appear in gray font. To accept, you must press the Tab key or reject it by pressing Esc. Text predictions can also be completely disabled.

Microsoft has yet to announce whether it plans to allow its text prediction to suggest gender, “he” and “she,” for example. The company has yet to comment. Google Smart Compose, by comparison, made the call in 2018 to not suggest pronouns based on gender to avoid potential biases.

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