Microsoft wants your opinions to improve games in Windows 10

The Microsoft Xbox Team has a query for those of you who are running Windows 10: How can you improve it? They have created a site in Xbox ideas, a virtual suggestion box, if you wish, to raise your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions about the future of Windows games. Specifically, they are interested in three things: what you want Windows to do or not do while you play, what you want Windows to optimize for your games, and what new features Windows needs to play.

The Xbox Team wants your opinion on how to make Windows games even better! Check out Gaming in Windows 10 Idea Drive for more details on how to help: 18, 2019

From this publication, a few days after the publication of the site, some of the main ideas are quite interesting. Some players want Windows to automatically disable processes that are not necessary to run a game once the game starts, or to allow background processes to be selectively disabled for greater performance. Another distinctive group focuses on peripherals, suggesting that the driver is compatible with launching games from the desktop or a more customizable badignment through the Microsoft Xbox accessory application.

It seems unlikely that anyone will receive a comprehensive feature review for Windows 10 games … but who knows unless I post them? It probably does not hurt to make your voice known. You can make suggestions in the Games on the Windows 10 Xbox Ideas page.

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