Microsoft to release two new Xbox consoles; The series costs $ 299

        Microsoft<span class="company-name-type"> Corp.</span>

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  There are plans to release the game twice, taking the $ 299 price tag with its less expensive model, the Xbox Series S.

The strategy is a departure from Microsoft’s previous efforts to place the latest technology advances in a single system at launch. Rival game-system maker Nintendo Co.

  Last year introduced a thin-down version of its Switch console.  Apple<span class="company-name-type"> Inc.</span>

  Has employed a tier-pricing strategy for several years with its iPhone, and earlier this year released the $ 399 iPhone SE as a low-cost option to expand its smartphone user base. </p><div> <p>In a tweet, Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed the Xbox Series S pricing information as well as the console design, which is smaller than the former model and lacked a disk drive.  A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment about the price of the Xbox Series X, a model it is promoting as the successor to the Xbox One, or about when it will be available for sale. Share information.  The company has previously stated that it can expect a November release date, but it is now unclear whether the two machines are meant to be just one.

  The Redmond, Wash., Tech giants and Sony<span class="company-name-type"> Corp.</span>

  Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 were released in 2013, working on the next generation of consoles for a long time after prior versions.  Sony, which expects the PlayStation 5 to be released this fall, has not announced a price for the machine but is likely to do so soon.

  Microsoft's latest announcement also shows how technology companies are launching their latest merchandise in the market ahead of the holiday shopping season.  Apple said on Tuesday that it would host an event on September 15, with new products expected to be unveiled.  Within weeks, Cupertino, California.  The company hopes to showcase its latest generation of iPhones, among other gadgets. 

  Microsoft and Sony have been competitive in the game-console market since 2001, when the former entered the market.  Sony launched its first PlayStation system in Japan in 1994 and the following year in the US.  Although they compete with Nintendo products, the companies' machines have been more closely aligned over the years in terms of power and graphics capabilities as well as the selection of those games.

  Both companies are releasing new hardware at the time of the development of the industry.  Spending on videogame hardware and software has increased rapidly since the onset of the coronovirus epidemic, as the order to stay indoors prompted people to seek out games for entertainment and to stay connected with family and friends.  Publishers including electronic arts<span class="company-name-type"> Inc.</span>

  According to market research firm Newsu BV, Activision Blizzard Inc. posted strong revenue for the June quarter, and global software sales are projected to climb 9.3% to $ 159.3 billion this year. 

  Microsoft's Xbox One initial price was $ 499.  The company stopped disclosing console sales data at the end of 2014, but many analysts say Xbox One sales outstripped those of the PlayStation 4 from the start and are lower today.

      Pierce Harding-Rolls, an analyst at Ampere Analysis, said in a note to investors on Tuesday that he expected the Xbox Series X to cost $ 499.

  Microsoft has stated that the Xbox Series X will feature technologies such as advanced graphics, increased processing power and storage, and ray tracing, which produces much more realistic images.  Users will be able to play Xbox One games on the new machine.

  Details about the features of the new Sony machine were revealed earlier this year and included upgrades to processing power, storage and technologies such as ray tracing, which produces much more realistic images.  Sony also stated that the console will feature special games such as "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales" and "Horizon Tobacco West".

  Sony initially released the PlayStation 4 with a $ 399 price tag.  Since its debut, over 106 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold as of December 31, 2019 according to the company.

  Microsoft has been accelerating its game development in recent years, allowing for more Xbox, and now has 15 studios.  But Microsoft won't have a new installment of its marquee franchise "Halo" as originally planned for its new console.  The company accused the epidemic and other factors of delay until 2021.

  Nevertheless, Microsoft is entering this game-hardware phase in a new space with a new tiered pricing strategy, with its Game Pass subscription service available to over 10 million users and cloud games, Mr. Harding-Rolls said .  "There is no doubt that Microsoft is in a better position to compete with Sony in the upcoming launch of the latest console than the Xbox One and PS4 generation," he said.

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