Microsoft Teams Battle Zoom With Great New Features

The Microsoft team has added a bunch of cool new features to defeat Zoom in the video conferencing space.

So what’s new?

First up is a cool new feature that can change your video call experience – Microsoft is incorporating AI based noise suppression into teams starting in November this year.

According to Windows Latest, which first reported the feature, the new team would use the firm’s AI technology to reduce background noise in functionality meetings. It analyzes your video feed and minimizes the sounds produced in the background. Examples of such noise may be raised and the block may include fans, pen clicking, or microphone issues.

Microsoft said that part of the “high” feature is an update to existing functionality to give people more noise suppression. Hopefully, this means that the facility will pick up dogs barking or children making noise – never ideal when you’re on a business or work call.

Teams’ Noise Suppression feature update will begin rolling out on Microsoft desktops running Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. in November and it is unknown if this feature can come in Teams Android and iOS apps.

Meanwhile, as reported by OnMsft, a new Microsoft Teams desktop update has added just two features — full screen mode and the ability to meet organizers to view and manage meeting options directly in the new meeting experience.

Privacy and productivity for teams on iOS

For those using teams on iOS, Microsoft has added new features to help increase your productivity and privacy. On the privacy front, Microsoft is protecting your sensitive data by preventing message preview using its device management platform Intune.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also added natural language support when you are searching for messages, searching for caller ID for suggestions and spelling IDs. In addition, call control will always appear on the screen with more options shown on your iPad.

Team V Zoom: Which is the best?

The Microsoft team has been adding a tidal wave of new features over the past few months as it beats the biggest rival, Zoom. These include the ability to add a custom background and simultaneous modes to make the video conferencing experience as close to real life as possible.

Like teams, Zoom also cancels noise. So far, perhaps the distinguishing feature of Teams has been its integration with other Microsoft products with its enhanced communications offering. Teams is not just a video conferencing service, it is a collaboration tool.

But Zoom is fighting back. It recently launched a major update to combat this, including Zapps, which directly add apps inside the zoom. Crucially, it is also starting to roll out the gold standard of end-to-end encryption of security. Teams don’t have it, yet.

Choosing teams or zooms is difficult. The teams currently shore it up for Microsoft’s integration side, which will affect some people and businesses. One thing is sure – the battle for video conferencing is intensifying, and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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