A 9-year-old boy in northern Ohio peeked out the window of a car a few weeks ago and saw a hint of his past: homeless people wandering in the cold.

"And he said:" Well, they're cold, "recalls the boy's grandmother, Terry Brant, to Fox 8 in Cleveland." And I said, "What do you want to give them, a blanket? "# 19659006 That question inspired a child, Mikah Frye, to give up a large item on his Christmas list, an Xbox of $ 300, to help provide more than 60 blankets for those who do not have home, just like Mikah's family once.

Mikah, along with his mother and father, spent a few weeks in an emergency shelter after the family lost his home about three years ago, his mother, Sara Brown, told Fox 8.

The act The boy's generosity did not attract the attention of a local television station: Microsoft employees welcomed Mikah to a store in a shopping center in Beachwood, Ohio, where Santa Claus was waiting for him with two bags of gifts, including a new Xbox, as reported by Fox 8.

The child reviewed the gifts and started crying.

Access Program, the shelter that helped Mikah's family, has already begun distributing the blankets that the generosity of the family helped to provide.

Each comes with a personal message from Mikah attached: "Today, I live in my own home, and some day you will too, your friend Mikah."

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