Microsoft Surface Duo teardown: an engineering miracle that is a job to repair

I don’t think anyone expects an impressive slim gadget with two displays compared to single screen smartphones, and iFixing ‘S This is the case with Microsoft’s confirmation of the new Surface Duo being torn down. The takeaway is that while the display and rear glass can be swapped without very Excess stress will be a tedious, risky process rather than anything.

As part of the teardrop process, iFixit got this very nice X-ray shot of the Surface Duo. The left half looks quite close to an iPad or any modern tablet, but iFixit says that the right side “looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before – it’s almost a solid wall of circuit board , With a small window in the middle. Second battery. “There is that engineering know-how on the ground team.

Picture: iFixit

But getting inside the thing is a work. Like most other phone manufacturers, Microsoft has used a ton of adhesives to seal the Surface Duo, and iFixit warns that there are many fragile cables and connectors that could be damaged if you just put things in the right way. Do not go about. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee.

Replacing a dual-battery system requires near-complete disconnection of the entire device. As our review says, the Surface Duo’s battery life is not an out of the box concern. But after a year of heavy multitasking use, your $ 1,400 productivity machine may not have the same stamina. Microsoft offers its “Microsoft Complete” extended warranty for the Duo, which might not be a bad idea, given the risk factor of trying to fix itself.

The teardown of iFixit shows that two OLED screens are manufactured by LG Display. You’ll also need to take a closer look at the “simple” hinge mechanism, which is one of the most impressive aspects of Microsoft’s latest hardware.

Picture: iFixit